Sep 22, 2014

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What are Google’s biggest ranking factors?

Majority of website administrators are constantly updating their sites to ensure that they are constantly displayed on the first page of search engines such as Google. This regular activity can be exhausting even when done by a seo company, as the ranking factors set up by Google are frequently being changed for the benefit of online users. According to Google, there are at least two hundred ranking signals within their algorithm which they use to rank websites as well as pages. It is therefore important for businesses that rely on search engine optimization as part of their online marketing to have a better understanding of these ranking factors.

In most cases, working with a seo company to maintain as well as update the site, makes it much easier to adhere to the rules put up by Google and still get high rankings on the site. Professionals in seo are able to make appropriate changes according to the ranking factors thus lifting off the burden from business owners. Although it is important to have an idea of all the ranking factors used by Google, there are some that are considered to be crucial if a company is maintain or even increase its rankings on the search engine. Some of these biggest ranking factors that affect search engine optimization are:

  • Page-level factors

The content displayed on the website plays a big role in successful seo and plays an important role in its ranking. Google prefers longer articles with relevant information and keywords as opposed to superficial articles. The use of target keywords is important both within the content and title pages as well. When ranking pages, Google relies on the title tag displayed to have an idea of the topic on the page, thus making it important to have a keyword as part of the title so that it can be ranked higher.

  • Back link factors

Link building is an important factor when building a website because Google uses the links to determine the level of ranking that will be assigned to a site. The back links used should be of high quality and should quickly direct people to the site. Furthermore, the number of back links that direct online users to the website contributes a lot to its ranking, meaning that they should be quite a number for ranking on the search engine to be higher.

  • Social signal factors

Regular sharing of content from the site through a wide variety of social networks increases its overall authority resulting in better search visibility for its pages. If the Facebook or twitter accounts that are sharing the content are popular then it carries more weight with Google. Therefore, it is crucial for online users to share the content as Google pays attention to the social signals, whether through Google plus, Facebook and even twitter.

Overall, becoming familiar with these Google ranking factors is a good start towards improving seo on your site, whether you are working with a seo company or not.

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Aug 21, 2014

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6 Months of SEO & Marketing (Infographic)

It’s never too early to think about your Christmas SEO & Marketing, in fact, you need to plan at least 4-6 months prior to the Christmas rush.

Bulldog Digital Media Agency have put together this impressive infographic that’ll plan out every month for your marketing campaign to ensure you have a successful festive season!

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Aug 8, 2014

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Distribute a Press Release to Enhance Your PR

Has it been a while since you distributed a press release?  Sending a press release in 2014 can still be a great idea.  It can enhance your profile and help your PR, also, it can drive traffic to your website and it even help with your SEO.  Google takes a dim view of over optimized anchor text in press releases so be careful to only use branded and URL based keywords and you’ll be fine. Google has this to say about links in press releases “Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites. For example: There are many wedding rings on the market. If you want to have a wedding, you will have to pick the best ring. You will also need to buy flowers and a wedding dress.”

Some great places to distribute your press releases are:

  1. PR Web
  2. INewswire
  3. PR Newswire
  5. 24/7 Press Releases

There are also some great free and low cost press release distribution services still available on Fiverr etc.  Whatever you do make sure you write an engaging and newsworthy press release or get a good SEO like Scot Crone to do it for you that you can expect to be picked up by a journalist somewhere to drive your PR efforts to the next level.


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Feb 26, 2014

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Pinterest Tools to Help You Pin Like a Pro

Pinterest is one of the hottest topics in the social media sphere these days.  Everywhere you look online…there it is!  But for those who are looking to maximize the marketability of this media, there are many tools online to help.  Today, we wanted to share several of these tools.

* Adding a Pinterest ‘Follow Me’ button to your email signature. Wisestamp is a free service that makes it easy to add a Pinterest button, along with other social media link icons, to your email signature!

* Adding Pinterest to your WordPress Blog.  The ‘Pin It’ button plugin automatically places a button on the bottom of each post, present and past.  There is also a way to add the button in widgets by installing the shortcode.

* Pinterest Analytics.  If you’re going to be using Pinterest as a marketing tool, it’s important to understand what’s happening behind the scenes.  Pintics is one tool that will help in these analytics.  Though still in beta version, Pintics will manage multiple accounts for you and let you see traffic and sales from your pins. Pretty cool!

* Have an iPhone? Can download the Pinterest App so you can use it anytime…wherever you go!  Browse, Pin & more… any time!

Want to speed up the Pinning process?  Here’s a few sites and apps to help in Chrome!

* Want to pin images using a keyboard shortcut?  Try Pin It.

* Want to enlarge the thumbnails in your recent activity area without having to open the link?  Try Pinterest Recent Activity Expander.

* Want to enlarge images by moving over the image?  Try Pinzy.

* Want to Google something without having to leave the Pinterest site? This search function, Pin Search, allows you to search for photos, etc on Pinterest.

Hope these help!

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Feb 25, 2014

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How To Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed

Have you ever logged into Facebook to see what your friends and family are up to and find yourself saying “Who are all these people?” Sometimes you want to see what your friends did on their vacation last week, but you may not want to see what that strange classmate’s cat is up to. Facebook has a filter to help clean up your news feed and remove unwanted posts! The acquaintance filter lets you separate your “close friends” from the rest of the people on your friends list. By changing this setting you can filter out all the unwanted posts. Have an ex who keeps posting pictures of them and their new boyfriend or girlfriend? Simply filter their posts out using this filter and get on with your life!

Here are the steps to setting up the new filter:

1.Next to the header for the “Friends” section in the left sidebar, click “More” (HINT: You may have to first click a “More” button at the bottom of the sidebar to find this section.)

2. Click the Acquaintances List.

3. In the right sidebar you’ll see a box of “List Suggestions.” Click “see all” at the bottom of that

5. You’re presented with a grid of faces of friends with whom you haven’t interacted much lately. Uncheck any that you want to keep as “Close Friends.”

6. Click “Add to Acquaintances.”

By adding these people as “acquaintances” their content and posts wont show up on your news feed as much.

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Feb 24, 2014

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Never Take The Easy Way Out When Trying To Accumulate Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks on the web today. You can gain a lot from Twitter when using the right strategy. Having a significant amount of followers does matter if you want to see your business grow through Twitter.

Grabbing people’s attention online can be difficult since there are so many social networks and campaigns out there. No matter how hard it may seem, never try to take the easy way out. If you try and attract fans the wrong way, it could severely damage the image of your company.

If you have completely given up on bringing in followers the natural way, never let the idea of buying followers come to mind.  This is one of the worst ways to add followers to your Twitter page. These purchased fans are not real and won’t bring anything beneficial to your page. You really aren’t fooling anyone by doing this. Fans and other people will notice that you’re buying fans and this will make your business look desperate. This can cause you some reputation management problems for which you’ll have to get a reputation manager to help you sort out and you’re wasting your money by doing this because you could potentially lose some of the real followers you already have.

If purchasing followers wasn’t bad enough, some people are using a new, useless strategy to gain followers. Following a bunch of people just to receive a follow back then unfollowing them is not the route you want to take when trying to gain fans. If you think that the people you once followed won’t notice that you unfollowed them, you’re wrong. Almost everyone, even if it’s just a personal page, keeps track of the amount of followers they have. It may seem like a great way to trick people into following you but they will unfollow you just as quick as they followed. Never use this strategy unless you want to lose some of your credibility and loyal fans.

Once you do start gaining followers, it’s always best to stay humble. Don’t let the amount of followers you have, get to your head. Never get cocky and remember that you once started off with nothing. If you start to lose your interactions and engagement with your audience you can easily lose all of your followers. Always keep you page updated no matter how much of a fan base you have. The bigger the fan base, the more you should be posting.

If you use Twitter the right way, you can gain tons of fans for your business. You always want to have real, loyal people following you. Don’t let the stress of needing the most followers bring you to using these desperate strategies.

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Feb 23, 2014

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Having A Great Social Media Strategy Will Bring Success

Marketing with social media has become one of the most popular ways to get your brand known today. More and more companies join social networks everyday hoping that new clients will arise. No matter how much hard work you put into your social media campaign, sometimes you won’t see any results.

This happens when a business doesn’t know when or what to post. If the information you arr putting out is repetitive and boring, you’ll notice that no one is interested in what you’re offering. The amount of time you spend on each page daily and the type of information that you’re giving out does matter if you are looking for success.

It’s hard to figure out how much effort should be put into each social media network but it is mandatory that you know. If no one is paying attention to some of your posts, why are they even being published? Followers and fans log into their social pages to read new and interesting  information that will benefit them in someway. Take the time to find news that others want to read about other than always posting about your business.

It may seem like common sense but you should always know who your audience is. Not knowing who’s reading your posts makes it hard to know what exactly to post about. You could be posting information that is useless to your fans. This will lead potential clients to leave your page and have no reason to come back. You always need to know who your target audience is and what they want to hear. This will make your life so much easier when updating your social media pages.

The amount of time that needs to be spent on each page is different for every business. Don’t spend all your time posting about endless offers or boring information about what your services are. If you are working with a small business, take about an hour to update all of your pages daily.

If you own a big company you should spend more time online. Take two hours out of each day to interact and engage with fans. Fans and potential clients will get thrown off if they always see a post asking them to buy something. Use your time wisely and post about topics that your audience wants to read about.

Every company is going to have a different way of working but they all should take these tips into consideration for their social media strategy. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when working with social media but when it’s done correctly, you’ll see nothing but success for your brand.

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Feb 22, 2014

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Chrome Vs Safari

If you work online everyday, the browser that you choose to use can be a very important decision. Each browser has something different to offer. You rarely ever see anyone using Internet Explorer anymore because it is so out dated. These days, people want a browser that can provide the most while working online. Google chrome is one of the most popular browsers used today and others are trying to catch up.

Google Chrome offers so much to users online. One of its best capabilities is their omnibox. This feature lets you enter a search query into the address bar which then will send you directly to Google results. It may seem like such a simple feature but many people really appreciate this.

It didn’t take much time for other browsers to catch on to this awesome feature. IE, Opera and Firefox soon added a similar feature to theirs. These weren’t the only companies that decided to jack Google’s technique. Soon after every other  browser decided that this feature was best for them too, Apple made an important announcement:

Now there’s one simple field for both search terms and web addresses. When you enter a web address, Safari takes you right to the web page — and even fills in the entire URL. Safari finds what you’re looking for in a faster and smarter way. As you type in the field, Safari stays one step ahead and suggests a Top Hit — the closest match to what you’re looking for. Safari uses pages from your bookmarks and history to find a Top Hit, so you find the right web page fast.”

Apple called this new element SmartSearch. It doesn’t instantly take you to Google but it gets the search job done. Tons of people use Safari on their smartphone and are used to it. This could possibly interest Google Chrome users into browsing with Safari.

Safari isn’t just changing the way their address bar works, it has added tons of other new features. Its performance is faster, scrolling is smoother, a new share button has been installed and much more. All of these upgrades could lead to taking the number one spot of being the best browser

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Feb 21, 2014

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Finding the Perfect Social Media Team Is Easy When You Know Where to Look

Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to get the name of your brand out there for people to see and hear about it. Social media is the new way of connecting with potential clients and if you are not online, you’re truly missing out. If you own a business, having accounts with multiple social media networks is a must. Even if you think there is not enough time to manage these pages, you can always hire a social media team for help. Finding a social media team that will benefit you can be a difficult process. Not everyone knows where to look when searching for a social media team.

The first option that should come to mind is, of course, GOOGLE IT! You use this network to search for everything else, why not use it for finding the best social media team. All of the most professional teams will be on the first page of your Google results which makes finding the best team easy. Just because they are on the first page doesn’t mean that they are the perfect match for you though. Actually take the time to thoroughly look through the results so you don’t waste time learning about a team you can’t afford or work with. It’s also important to speak with them on the phone and ask key questions to see what they can do and their personalities.

Don’t waste any more time looking in the wrong places for the perfect social media team. Networking with other relevant businesses is a must if your own your own company. Go ahead and ask other business owners where they went to find their social media help. It is very possible that other companies will point you in the right direction.

Facebook is great network to search through for help. When searching through Facebook you will find tons of great social media teams. Some may not be what you’re looking for but many quality marketing teams operate through Facebook. Sort through the most professional teams and business pages to get a better view of who might be best for your company.

There are many different ways to find the right social media team for your company. Social media is something that has to be included with almost any marketing campaign today. You have to take the time to actually learn about each team you find online and think about how they will benefit your business. It may seem stressful and time consuming but it will pay off in the end.

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Feb 20, 2014

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Key Reasons Why an SEO Consultation is Needed Before Redesigning a Website

Understanding how SEO works is crucial if redesigning your website to not lose your current rankings and organic search. Once it’s done, it’s done. If you do not have someone on your team that knows how this works, it is extremely necessary to know how to do this right. One way is to do hours of research and trust that you or team members will do this correct or another way is to find a trustworthy source or SEO marketing agency that knows how the two work together and do this for their own website. Below are some “Key” reasons…

Key Reasons Why Needing a Specialist or Trustworthy help:

* Need to know how to let Google know if the website URL changes. If you don’t, SEO rankings will fall. All of the time that the domain URL has logged to build up the site would be lost and may have to start over again with the new URL.

* Performing an inbound link analysis. Inbound links are extremely powerful and losing these links will cause your site to lose the authority it does have. Find what pages are linking to your site and where they are linking. Then let your developers know so that they can make the right changes.

* 301 Redirect. This is absolutely critical to have your pages with a 301 redirect to the new pages and will safely pass PageRank and your site will be able to maintain search equity.

* Have an SEO audit completed. What’s the loss in doing this? It’s extra eyes on your site to make sure that you don’t miss anything. An SEO will also be able to share little tweaks and changes to help maximize your site.

There are quite a few more essentials to make sure to do this right in making the redesign of your website compatible with your Google and search engine rankings.

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